Lawrence Family Medical Practice, P.C.


Preventive, Nutritional, and Anti-Aging Medicine

Using a Combination of Traditional and Alternative Methods of Medicine

For more than 30 years, Mitchell Kurk, M.D., has served New York City and the surrounding areas with preventative and nutritional medicine. Our goal is treating illnesses in a natural way.

Chelation Therapy
Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
Fungus and Bacteria-Killing Oxidative Therapy
Nutritional Support of Cancer Patients
Nutritional Support for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
DAN Protocol Regime for Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, etc.
Anti Aging Nutrition
Anti Aging Cosmetic Procedures
Facial Refreshment

We also use supplemental therapy for anti-aging, skin and hair treatments, and immune system boosting for men and women. For a natural way to stay healthy, call us today.



DAN Physician
AMA Nassau County Medical Society
Board Certified in Family Practice
Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice
Fellow of the International College of Applied Nutrition
International Academy of Preventive Medicine
Chairman of the American Board of Oxidative Medicine
American Osteopathic Association

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